Is Zimbabwe buying second-hand buses from China?

The State media broke a new story this afternoon about Zimbabwean firms who clinched deals to acquire at least 1500 buses from China to be used in Harare. Victoria Ruzvidzo, a state media journalist who accompanied the government delegation to China said Platinum Agriculture and Princewood Enterprises Director Mr. Dakarai Mapuranga confirmed the deals.

It is not clear if the Chinese Company is selling brand new buses. The video received from China shows the Zimbabwe crew inspecting the buses which appear to be used. One wonders why a company that sells new buses should keep used once in their showroom.

One reader asked whether they are diesel buses since one of them is written the words  “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus”. The fear is that the buses will force the “combies” off the road, only to be replaced by used and inefficient buses. One member of the Zimbabwe delegation is heard in the background shouting a number like 40400 kilometers. There are Zimbabweans running Bus companies outside the country. Some I know who are running UK bus companies like Arriva buses efficiently. Such experts may help with the choice of good buses. Connecting with the diaspora to work as a team would provide Zimbabwe with lasting solutions. There seems to be a broken link between the government and technocrats in the diaspora.

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