Why I Endorsed President Mnangagwa

Many friends of mine asked me why I made this choice, especially those who have a vendetta against ED. I will explain why. I do not vote with my feelings, so no emotions were involved. When it comes to Presidential candidates, I do not vote for a party but for a candidate. Each candidate is unique. It took me a while analyzing each candidate. My first choice instinctively was Noah Manyika. Then Chamisa stole my heart along the way, but here I am with ED as my choice. ED was consistent with his message.


Noah Manyika, you’re fired

Noah Manyika recorded some excellent videos showing ZISCO STEEL, CSC, Kadoma etc, clearly showing us how Mugabe had destroyed the country and he promised to repair the country. I fully agreed with that, besides he is a man that I know personally, and I highly respect him. He is a father figure to me and a role model. I watched one online interview when he was asked to articulate his vision with specifics, but he couldn’t. All he could say was 37 years of Mugabe misrule and corruption must end. Zimbabwe needs a person who is accountable and untainted. I don’t vote for people because they are my friends, or my relatives or they have good characters. I vote for people because they have a real plan and a willingness to deliver good results. No one is good in life. Every company you see is full of evil people. Give them money and power, you will see how they will change the law to keep themselves in power until they die. I wish Manyika had a clear plan for the country, but alas, the man has missed an opportunity to impose himself on the Zimbabwe political platform.  Human Resource Management keeps tight controls on employees. Its’ not that the employees are good. Give them room and they will kill the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.


Ambrose Mutinhiri, you’re fired

Ambrose Mutinhiri came on the scene after Mugabe was removed from power. Before that he was nowhere to be found. His main concern was the way Mugabe was removed from power. He represents Mugabe’s interests.  I don’t really care how Mugabe was removed from power, I just wanted to see his back. When Mugabe was removed from power I cried with joy! To have a campaign based on Mugabe restoration is silly and stupid. We hear noises from Jealousy Mawarire but Mutinhiri is nowhere to be found.  This party is a joke or a distraction. This party must disband and disappear from the political scene. If it does not go away now, it will die after elections. Mutinhiri is simply a scarecrow Mugabe created and put on the political scene to remind people that he is still alive.


Thokozani Khupe, you’re fired

I respect Dr Khupe for her bravery. She was mistreated by Chamisa and the MDC-T but that is not primarily my concern. I want to know if she will be a good national President. So far, I don’t know what she stands for. I know she is bitter over Chamisa coup but that is all she is fighting for. She has no concise national agenda. As a result, I am out. If she has, she has failed dismally to communicate it. I advise Khupe to target a constituency where she is popular and make it into parliament, else she will be looking for another job soon to look after her family.



Joyce Mujuru, you’re fired

Mujuru, like Khupe is a product of bitterness. She was fired by Mugabe. I have no idea what she is doing and what she stands for. Like Khupe, let her target areas she is popular and get into parliament. We want more voices in government. As a presidential candidate, not for me.




Why I did not choose Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa is shrewd and clever. He is articulate and likable. He used a back door to outmanoeuvre the other two MDC-T leaders. When Gogo Tsvangirai was attacking Chamisa promising to hang if Chamisa came to the funeral, I stood with him. I blame Tsvangirai for creating a leadership mess. My real problem with MDC-T started when the Vanguard harassed Khupe at Chamisa burial.  I didn’t see democracy there. Chamisa gave an insincere apology. I did not believe his sincerity, but I didn’t care much. Nelson Chamisa then went into overdrive with the Chinhoyi rally. I was amazed by his oratory skills. The speech was very long with attacks on Mnangagwa and fanciful promises. That raised a red flag. I analysed his speech closely and wrote about his Bullet Train promise. I followed Chamisa to the Bulawayo rally. He attacked President Mnangagwa and angered the Nkomo family because he lied. I was not impressed. He appeared more to me as a populist candidate with no substance. He appeals to people’s emotions. In Bulawayo he created divisions instead of healing them. He invoked the Gukurahundi feelings at the podium and attacked leaders who can’t speak Ndebele as Tribalists. I don’t like leaders who create divisions to get votes. I like leaders who heal to create solutions. Show your leadership by solving issues not creating them.

In Gutu, he paraded political victims to create feelings of hatred for ZANU PF and appeal to electorate’s emotions. Then one rally after another the man kept lying. He apologized after angering the United States of America because of the infamous “Patakasangana naTrump” lie. Chamisa was humiliated on the Hardtalk interview because of these things. The man keeps lying unabated. Recently he lied about advising the Rwandan President. I personally spoke to the Rwandan government to get clarification on this. Chamisa lied again!

When Chamisa saw crowds attending his rallies, he felt he could win with a landslide. That is why he made a bet with his 18-year-old sister in Bedford, UK. I personally don’t like Rally Voting. People come to rallies for different reasons. Chamisa became so arrogant that I couldn’t take it. I love humility and I resist the proud. No MDC-T Manifesto is out yet. Biti hinted when he gave some figures. He twitted that Zimbabwe will be a $100b economy in 8 years without explaining what he meant. If he was talking about the Gross Domestics Product (GDP), which is seen as a quantitative measure of a nation’s total economic activity, how does he plan to reach $100b from the current $ 16b in 8 years? I am sure the reason why the MDC Alliance has not produced any figures, its because they can’t reconcile these figures with reality.

The MDC is said to be a champion of democracy, but they are imposing candidates in some areas. This shows a group of people who appeal to people’s emotions without a coherent plan. They are doing some primaries after seeing ZANU PF doing primaries.  The primaries have created a mess in their candidate selection process.

I was angry to see Biti and Chamisa in London requesting the UK government to keep sanctions on Zimbabwe until after elections, yet at the same time, they are saying ED is doing nothing since he became president. How do you want to see progress when you are fighting investment? That is hypocrisy.  When the UK government released $100m to Zimbabwe for investment, Biti reacted angrily. This shows a group of people who want power at any cost. They don’t really care for people. I don’t believe in burning a house to drive out cockroaches.

The last thing that I am not happy with Chamisa are his supporters. They are so rude that I cannot be in the same room with them and live. Chamisa has managed to build a team of intolerant zealots who can kill for Chamisa. My own brother is one of them. We can’t discuss and finish a debate. All he is talking about is 38 years of Mugabe rule. All his arguments are based on the past. We are not giving awards for past performances. We are looking for people who can build our tomorrow. Candidates can use their past experiences that is all fine, but someone must understand fully where we are and must provide a realistic roadmap for change.


ED Mnangagwa, you’re Hired

When President Mnangagwa was inaugurated, I didn’t know what to expect. There were many rumors about him as a “bad” man. It was rumored that he is the brains behind rigging. My question was, if he was good at rigging, how come he did not rig his own Kwekwe constituency against Chebundo? He was removed from Kwekwe because he was beaten again and again. To me, the argument that he is good at rigging holds no water.

I waited to hear his first speech. The speech was great. It had everything one needs. The man was humble and mature. He preached forgiveness and love. When the Lacoste faction wanted to revenge the G40 attacks, he said no. I was amazed. He never attacked the opposition but was focussed on delivering change.

First, he engaged the opposition to include them in the government. Honourable Misihahirambwi listed conditions for Mnangagwa to meet if he wanted the opposition’s participation. Morgan Tsvangirai warned any MP’s from his party not to engage with Mnangagwa. ED went on to form a government. He changed the work ethics of his ministers and gave them 100-day targets. Mnangagwa is pushing to destroy corruption. With 6 months only to elections, he needs to use wisdom not to destroy his cabinet and make it dysfunctional. Real change in personnel will come after elections. That is why he said heads will roll after elections. That is wisdom. He is not giving in to undue pressure from the media. He has a clear focus on what he will do.

From day one, ED has crisscrossed the world proclaiming that Zimbabwe is Open for business. I have seen companies flocking to Zimbabwe to see for themselves. I attended some investment meetings and I saw the interest from many investors. That is great news. Finally, we have someone who is pushing for jobs, jobs, jobs. Mugabe cried with sanctions, but ED said, let’s get down to business and do the right things. ED is in a league of his own compared to the other presidential candidates who are there. ED has his own faults. He is not God and does not claim to be righteous. One thing that he has, is the desire to see Zimbabwe respected by the world again. Speaking in South African he said, “Zimbabweans will be proud to be called Zimbabweans again”.

ZANU PF has just produced a very ambitious manifesto. I believe it because it is achievable if the government can encourage the private sector on board. The Chinese have been to Zimbabwe to see where they can build a new tourism city. It tallies with a prophecy given by Bushiri that God showed him a new city in Zimbabwe that looks like Dubai.

After 6  months of his Presidency, I am satisfied with ED’s leadership and I will gladly give him another chance. The United Kingdom, The European Union, China, Russia and Africa, all expressed satisfaction with ED. The USA are happy but are waiting for reforms requested by the MDC Alliance. I am absolutely happy with my president and I will vote Yes!!



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