Tsamba ya Mai Chiko

Dear H.E Nelson Nero Chamisa


I hope I find you well mwanangu. I haven’t been feeling too well this week, flue is killing me. However, my bed rest was brought to a sudden halt with your press conference nezuro ku-Harvest house. Mmmhhh I was touched. I felt like crying. Why is ED rigging like this?

Today morning I got an invite to the MaKhuphe MDC-T press conference as well. Aaahh it was so sad to hear those words from Linda. How can police vote without any observers or political party agents? Nhai Chamisa what is this ED up to?

Mwanangu Nero let me remind you that it’s only about 17 days before Election Day. I’m rather disappointed in you Chamisa. You are a big let down in our lives. I’m equally disappointed in Makhuphe as well. In fact, I’m disappointed with Zimbabwean politicians. We are in this mess today because of you. I may not be schooled Advocate Chamisa but I feel like challenging your LLB. Are you sure it’s even authentic? Mmhhh I smell a Dr Amai here.

Chamisa (Between me and you) did you even read the electoral act? Did you read section 71 on postal voting? Mwanangu, which part of the electoral act says postal voting must be observed by political agents or ZEC? Chamisa and MaKhuphe you embarrass me. I feel so sad to think that you guys have been our trusted legislators since the early 2000s. Instead of reading legislation and understanding it, you spent 5 years arguing about sitting allowances and building bridges, only to waste our time with your demos today blaming ZEC for your own ignorance. Where were you both when the electoral act was amended to remove Special Voting? Did ED amend it unilaterally? Did u even debate on the bill before it became law?

Mai son Chamisa, let me help you: Postal voting doesn’t require any ZEC official nor any political party agent to be present. The only thing we can say is that voters must be free from any intimidation. If you think the police commanding officer would have intimidated his officers, why didn’t you insert an amendment in the electoral act making sure the political observers and ZEC reps are allowed whenever people vote at police stations? These are the MDC fruits of giving us council material to put into parliament. These are the fruits of voting popular rich people who promise to build bridges without even knowing that the major job of an MP is legislative.

Chamisa and MaKhuphe can you make sure your MPs know what a job of an MP is. I wonder what you guys were doing for the past 5 years in parliament besides singing. When you Honourables (as you like to be called) manage to go into parliament this time, please insert this amendment in section 71 of the Electoral Act: No voting must take place at a police camp or army barracks. ZEC must publish dates and venues of postal voting for disciplined forces within Zimbabwe which must take place in the presence of ZEC, political party agents as well as election observers.

Mwanangu I hope you won’t take offense. Please pass my message to my daughter MaKhuphe.


Ndini tete vako


Mai Chiko.

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