Minister gives a spirited performance in London

By Modern Zimbabwe Reporter

Honorable Minister Winston Chitando led a powerful delegation last Thursday and Friday to woo European investors to Zimbabwe. The team of government officials and business people from Zimbabwe carried the President’s message brilliantly. If attendees could forget everything else said at the conference, a few words will remain clinging to their minds for generations; the five little words, “Zimbabwe is open for Business”. This phrase originally coined by President Mnangagwa, became the theme of the Conference. Speaker after speaker came and went but the phrase remained!

Minister Chitando said the virgin land of Zimbabwe has over 40 mineral resources in the ground ready for mining. These include coal, chromium ore, asbestos, gold, nickel, copper, iron ore, vanadium, lithium, tin, platinum group metals and diamonds.  Zimbabwe is the world’s seventh largest producer of lithium (2%), and sixth largest producer of chrysotile asbestos (4%) and vermiculite (2%).  Zimbabwe is estimated to have 13% of the world’s chromium reserves, mainly in the Great Dyke. The Great Dyke which is 550 km long and 12 km wide is filthy rich in mineral resources.

Platinum was discovered in four different areas along the Great Dyke. There are over 2 million coal deposits lying in the ground of Zimbabwe ready for extraction. Recently natural gas has been discovered in the Matabeleland region. Other minerals in Zimbabwe include cobalt, uranium, nickel, tin, tungsten, topaz, emerald and the list goes on. Nickel appears in over 40 areas, but there is only one nickel mine.

Mr. Chitando said a Lithium project would be signed the following week with a big international company. Lithium, a mineral used in car batteries, medicine, aircraft manufacturing and many other uses will surely put Zimbabwe on the world map as the use of rechargeable batteries is increasing. The geological map in Zimbabwe is based on the 1950 exploration. With the use of high-tech exploration methods in the world today, Zimbabwe could discover that it is sitting on mind-blowing wealth.

In his email sent to attendees, Nick Holme, the CEO of Consolidated Africa Services, the organizers of Zimdaba London 2018, acknowledged that the conference was a great success. What is left now is to see action on the ground!

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