MDC Founding member & Former MP ‘Endorses’ Mnangagwa

Former Morgan Tsvangirai’s ally Eddie Cross believes his former mentor’s nemesis President Emmerson Mnangagwa has turned a new leaf and is on the right track, subtly endorsing him as a viable candidate for the July 30 polls.

Mnangagwa plunges into his first presidential election at the end of this month with the prospect of facing stiff competition from the country’s biggest opposition coalition, the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance. Cross, who as an MDC official spent close to two decades trying to dislodge Zanu-PF, says since the military-assisted transition in November last year which dislodged former president Robert Mugabe and led to Mnangagwa’s ascendence to the presidency “our world has certainly changed and it is very noticeable.

“We have more freedom than at any time since the Rhodesian government clamped down on the nationalists and detained most of them in 1964. The repressive laws adopted at that time were never dismantled by … Mugabe who then used them to repress all opposition in his efforts to establish a one-party State,” Cross wrote on his blog.

“… We do not have to ask the police for permission to meet, we do not feel that we are being watched or followed when we go about our business, the sense of repression and fear has almost dissipated. It’s a process that has not been formalized (and it’s not permanent until it is) but it’s real and even our visitors from abroad feel the difference when they enter the country.”

For good measure, Mnangagwa has also opened his door to advice from the renowned economist.


Source: Daily News

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