Leader of London based Organization wants Mnangagwa removed from power

The leader of little known UK based organization called Zimbabwe Human Rights Organization (ZHRO), John Burke is campaigning for Mnangagwa’s removal. When interviewed by Modern Zimbabwe, John, surrounded by a group of about 10 of his followers, mainly women, said his support base is growing. He said the organization’s membership is currently at around 300 members and they are campaigning to increase in number.

According to ZHRO website, the organization fights against human rights abuses and helps those unfairly treated in the asylum process.

John took his protestors to the Geographical Society where the Consolidated Africa Services (CAS) was hosting a Zimbabwe investment Conference. One protester, who was interviewed said,” How can the British government reward Mnangagwa for gugurahundi atrocities, by giving Zimbabwe investment funds”? It appears she didn’t know that the Investment Conference had nothing to do with the British government and there were no UK government representatives at the conference. It was privately organized by Zimbabweans and the business community.

When asked why they were protesting, some of the protestors said they want President Mnangagwa to leave now because his Presidency is unconstitutional.

When the video of the protestors was posted on the Modern Zimbabwe Facebook page, many people reacted angrily against protestors. A Facebook account of a person called Ladyboss Mukaranga Wezhira reacted by asking a question, “ Whose interest are they serving? Their interest dzokuti zvinhu zvisachinja ku Zimbabwe so that they don’t get deported or kuti vana ve Zimbabwe varambe vachingotambura”?. Witness Mutingwende reacted by saying, “Silly people! At least they should understand that these are efforts of making the ends meet after the imposition of sanctions by the countries like where they are staying. Next, the issue of the army is understood by people on the ground because everyone left his political differences and united against Mugabe then you say ZANU-PF has the army, nxaaa. The army was defending the constitution of Zimbabwe not of Zanu-PF. Bernard Msongole said, “these people are cockroaches”. The group found one or two comments encouraging them to protest. Elvis Nyahoda said, ” Let’s join hands to protect Zimbabwean legacy”. 

There has been no comment from John Burke over the angry reaction by many people.


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