Is Facebook pushing for 666?

Be afraid, Be very afraid

Ever since the Edward Snowden incident, people are suspicious of major online companies such as Facebook and Google. We know they are collecting lots of data. Only Facebook knows how much data they collect on their users, but estimates peg the number at about 500 terabytes per day. A terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes. The average 720p movie is about one gigabyte. That means Facebook is collecting the equivalent of 510,000 movies every day. The sheer scale of data mining is scaary, but what they can do with this data is more scary, or creepy, depending where you sit on the megalomaniac scale. Facebook is a part of everyday life. Is that a good thing? Here are some disturbing facts about Facebook to help you decide.

Professor Harari: Davos Conference 2018.


Facial Recognition

When a person uploads a picture on Facebook,  the image is biometrically scanned to extract features from the face. When a friend tags in a photo on Facebook, this information is added to Facebook’s giant stack of data too. The social network has artificial intelligence  bots that sift through all this data to do pattern matching with your face. Facebook’s algorithm is so good that they claim to have an accuracy of 98 percent. With every newly uploaded photo, they get better at pattern matching faces. They know you and all the people connected to you. They know all the content you post, which groups you are in and which pages you liked. They scan through every message you post. Facebook knows you better than you know yourself. The question now becomes, how long we have until Facebook sells this information to whoever wants it? I wanted to open this  Facebook account and Facebook wanted my cellphone number. I refused and they refused to change my username. That is wiered in my opinion. If governements want to arrest you? Can they fail to find you? Remember that scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise is in a shop that changes what is on the mannequin based on what they know about him?  Please the video on the right by Harari. Those who know technology, know well AL is changing everything. In 2020, cars will be drving thelves. I read this paper and I was left bewildered!


Facebook Knows Where You Are At All Times

If you have the Facebook Messenger app, the chances are that you didn’t tell it to stop sharing your location. It’s not a bad thing if you want Facebook to know where you are. But what about other people? What if a stalker wanted to track you down and follow you? Could they also use Facebook Messenger? As long as your Facebook messanger is on, it tracks where you are. You cannot hide fronm detection.

One programmer investigated and created a simple Chrome plugin called Marauder’s Map. The name refers to a map Harry Potter had in Hogwarts that allowed him to see where everyone was in the castle. Marauder’s Map was capable of giving the exact coordinates of friends who used Messenger.

By looking at a simple map, the programmer was able to identify exactly where his friends were. In response, Facebook disabled location sharing from the Messenger app. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t collecting that data.

Facebook Knows More About You Than You Think

Facebook’s News Feed is designed to keep you engaged as long as possible. During that time, Facebook builds an ever-evolving and complex mesh of data on their users. They create a profile using AL predictive analysis, which allows them to find out how susceptible you are to advertising, which way you lean politically, and whether you are more likely to pay with cash or a credit card.

They even guess how intelligent you are, based on what content you like.

Facebook Engages In Political Censorship

Whenever you search for information online, you don’t get what you want. You get what they want you to know.

Despite Facebook’s mission to have a society that is free and open, they have acted opposite to this goal by engaging in political censorship at a state level. There have been many examples of this, such as their blocking a page announcing a protest in Russia, an action that was a direct order from the Russian government.

One good example is healing miracles that hapenned  at some church in Zimbabwe, which were removed by Facebook. They have created a Data Dictatorship. It is not only Facebook, who does this, but all the big guys, Google, Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft.

Facebook Will Happily Sell Your Data

You may wonder how Facebook became a billionaire company. What products do they sell?

Just when you think it can’t get worse than political censorship, you find out that anyone and everyone can get access to your data. Mastercard recently purchased Facebook data that details users’ online habits to uncover behavioral insights it can sell to banks. The intention is to merge Facebook’s data with their own so that they can also drive online sales. So that no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast? Does that ring a bell?

Okay, Mastercard is a big company with lots cash. “Surely it wasn’t cheap,” you say. Well, one man spent $5 to acquire a total of one million Facebook users’ personal information.Facebook’s response was quite scary. They requested that the man send them the file, delete it from his computer, and “keep quiet.

Facebook Knows When You Are Sleeping

Through the Facebook Messenger app, users can see when someone was last active. Intrigued, a developer by the name of Soren Louv-Jansen started to look into this a bit more. By correlating user IDs with a time stamp, he was actually able to build a graph of all his friends’ sleeping patterns. One hacker went even further and discovered that you could find out what device people were last active on.


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