CAS invites ED to London

On their website, the Consolidated Africa Services (CAS) said they are delighted to announce that they will be holding a Zimbabwe Investment Forum London, UK.  Following recent political developments, Zimbabwe is now open for business and is welcoming investors who want to engage with the country.  Zimbabwe offers investment opportunities in multiple sectors – manufacturing, agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, infrastructure, and services, they said. CAS described Zimbabwe as follows:

  • Strategic location and regional gateway Zimbabwe is strategically situated at the heart of southern Africa with Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana at her borders. The country is on the spine of the North-South Corridor which interlinks all Southern African logistics including railways, roads, power and telecommunications; and is also central to the East-West route linking Namibia and Mozambique.
  • Skilled and well-diversified human capital With a literacy rate of above 90%, Zimbabwe rates highly in both Africa and the world.  With over 60 tertiary and professional training institutions, Zimbabwe’s education sector produces some of the finest, empowered, competent and skilled human capital in the continent. Artisans greatly compliment this diversity. CAS projects and investments work with youth, women’s empowerment and traditional business.
  • Favourable business environment Zimbabwe’s new President has reiterated an institutional commitment to improving the conditions for doing business, focusing on the consolidation of investment policy and the one-stop shop concept; the integrity of commercial courts and the overall implementation of the new Constitution; fair/balanced competition laws, and the vital protection of property rights.
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ) The SEZs will provide competitive incentives for investors investing in identified sectors of the economy.
  • Mineral resources Zimbabwe has the largest concentration of industrial and precious metal, mineral and gemstone deposits in the world, including the second largest diamond and platinum reserves globally. Zimbabwe boasts eight of the nine “rare earth” minerals and has rich Lithium deposits. The country has processing capacity for gold, diamond and chrome, with the resurgent gold production underpinning the economic rebound alongside agriculture and tourism. CAS is bringing modern technology to bear on these resources.
  • Tourism & natural resources Zimbabwe is quite literally a “World of Wonders”.  With her beautiful natural landscapes, wonderful climate and World Heritage sites Zimbabwe is graced by an ever-increasing number of tourists throughout the year.  Zimbabwe is one of only six countries in the World in which all the Big Five Animals (elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros) can be seen in one place.  Zimbabwe currently has five UNESCO accredited World Heritage sites – Mana Pools, Khami Ruins National Monument, Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Victoria Falls & Matobo Hills. A good and diverse presence of airports and a robust road network make all these tourist sites easily accessible, catering to all classes of tourist from budget campers to the ultra-wealthy.
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture With the most per-capita perennial water bodies in Africa, favourable climate for year-round farming activities; a skilled agricultural workforce, and the presence of highly experienced local partners. The country has large tracts of arable land suitable for horticulture, tea and coffee, crop farming and cattle ranching.  With a rich history in the sector, CAS is committed to technological modernization of agriculture in Zimbabwe.
  • Infrastructure Zimbabwe has a well-developed, diversified and regionally integrated infrastructure backbone, which acts as a key enabler for investment activities, while also offering dynamic investment opportunities in the infrastructure sectors such as power, roads, rail and air transport.
  • Financial and Capital Markets Zimbabwe has a developed and diversified financial system comprising commercial banks, development banks, building societies, insurance companies, microfinance institutions and an active stock market. There has been a rapid adoption and growing usage of electronic banking services and mobile banking platforms.
  • Security of investment After a difficult few years, Zimbabwe has renewed its commitment to security of investment through active participation in Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements which include Overseas Private Investments Corporation (OPIC), Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), the International Convention on Settlement of Disputes (ICSID), New York Convention on the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and the United Nations Convention on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL); amongst others.


The event dubbed as Zimdaba London 2018, will be held at the strong Royal Geographic Society, London on the 15th and16th March 2018. CAS can be contacted at


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