A Call for unity

May God bless you and your nation in JESUS name. Thank you and your team for spreading the truth.

I believe that God has started to do what he said to me about your country. I believe change has arrived in everyone’s life. 

  • I know the world is full of evil and lies nowadays, no one wants to support what is right and people are good at saying wrong things and supporting wrong things.
  • I pray for people no judge the president as God put him there. I pray for people to respect God’s will and support him (The President). No one can change God’s will. For the country to move forward you must unite, pray and put your trust in the president.
  • As God said, he is a good man. Even to me, he is good. I can’t say anything against whom God has anointed.
  • I pray for peace in the country.  I pray for unity. I pray for restoration. I pray for fast recovery in every corner of the country as God said he will do.
  • I pray for the President to be strong so that God will use him to do greater things for the nation.
  • I know there will be peace from now.
  • And I pray for you and your team, may God fulfill all your desires in life. 


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