A Call for unity

May God bless you and your nation in JESUS name. Thank you and your team for spreading the truth. I believe that God has started to do what he said … Read More

Tsamba ya Mai Chiko

Dear H.E Nelson Nero Chamisa   I hope I find you well mwanangu. I haven’t been feeling too well this week, flue is killing me. However, my bed rest was … Read More

Ross Police Camp saga exposes ZEC

After watching chaotic scenes at Ross Police Camp in Bulawayo, my heart sank. Social Media went into overdrive with the rigging narrative occupying the hearts of many. I tried to … Read More

AFC ready for Zimbabwe investment

AFRICAN Finance Corporation (AFC) says it can invest in excess of US$500 million in Zimbabwe’s infrastructure development projects but the outlay will entirely depend on the investment opportunities available. This … Read More

Paranoid MDC not fit for governance

Keen political observers and political theorists will opine that Zimbabwe’s political matrix is an enactment of Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities”. One hand is ZANU/PF that represents a … Read More

My Life : Part 1

By Kuda Chiwenga My life has been a series of events, mostly painful events. At times what we portray on the outside may not necessarily be what’s on the inside. … Read More

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